About me

My name is Lea Kolkopová and I am an artist from Brno – the second largest city in Czech Republic. I paint in my appartment which become my studio. As a child my creative soul was guided by a local artist Jiří Homola who always encouraged me to find my own style, which took me 20 years 🙂

In recent years I found myself in a technique of spontaneous painting. I lead my brush with my heart, I try to stop thinking. You can see “me” in all my paintings as I paint from deep of my soul. This enables me to love all of my paintings – because how could I hate myself? I enjoy being free in my expression, nothing is wrong, I don´t judge what I see in front of me.

As I enjoy teaching, passing on what I know, what I like to do, I started to lead art classes. They are called Free painting. My aim is to bring happiness into people´s life, to make them remember their childhood, when they knew how to play joyfully. You don´t need to have any experience to paint. Just try, relax, be yourself and the rest will come naturally.