Art classes

Individual classes

All materials provided plus my full attention and guiding.

Price: 3hours – 3000kč for 1-4 participants.

Additional participant cost is 600kč.

Sign up for a class via email or phone here

Abstract art classes (group class)

“Lea teaches people how to tap in and unlock their intuition” (Valentina)

You don´t need to have any experience with painting. It´s a natural activity for human being, like movement and singing. Come to relax, be yourself and the rest will come naturally. Kids are welcomed!

Where: Dílna Matilda, Palackého 95, Královo Pole

When: 11th Jan, 1st Feb, always 18.00 – 20.30

Price: 750kč / 2,5 hours. You are registered once you have sent the amount to my account: 9368593001/5500

Do not hesitate to ask for a private lesson or a Teambuilding!

You can always request a class at your city, minimum of people is 5

You can also follow the dates on my fb profile:

A Complete course of how to paint with acrylic!
12th Jan – 16th Feb 2021

– Would you like to try to paint an abstract face?
– Do you know how to paint a sky and clouds so that it looks like clouds?
– Do you want to know more about contemporary art?
– Is there and artist that you follow and you always wondered which techniques is he/she using?
6 evenings
Price: 3600kč
single entry: 750kč


There are three variations for the workshop:

  • Relaxation time for your employees
  • Art workshop with focus on awaking the inspiration, taking a break from a project you are currently working on and find new solutions while being creative!
  • Team work: creation of one piece of art which you could hang on the wall in your office

Price for 2,5 hours long workshop

If the TB takes place at your premises:

6 persons: 5 700kč (5x canvas 50x50cm, or one 100x100cm, colours, brushes, papers, 2 pcs of wooden blocks)

10 persons: 7 900kč (10x canvas 50x50cm, or two 100x100cm, colours, brushes, papers, 2 pcs of wooden blocks)

15 persons: 10 750kč (15x canvas 50x50cm, or three 100x100cm, colours, brushes, papers, 2 pcs of wooden blocks)

Price variation: number of people, n. of canvases

+ extra: if you wish that your TB takes place out of your premises

+ extra: when TB is taking place out of Brno