Teambuildings & Workshops

Intuitive Art Workshops

Painting is an activity that awakes innovative thinking, brings inspiration in your daily life and helps finding new ways when solving problems.

Book a workshop and accept my invitation into the colourful world of mine. Come to switch off your brain, connect with yourself. You will be surprised what you will find about yourself!

There are three variations for the workshop:

  • Relaxation time for your employees
  • Art workshop with focus on awaking the inspiration, taking a break from a project you are currently working on and find new solutions while being creative!
  • Team work: creation of one piece of art which you could hang on the wall in your office

Price for 2,5 hours long workshop

If the TB takes place at your premises:

5 persons: 3400kč (5x canvas 50x50cm, or one 100x100cm, colours, brushes, papers, wooden blocks)

10 persons: 6000kč (10x canvas 50x50cm, or two 100x100cm, colours, brushes, papers, wooden blocks)

15 persons: 9 000kč (15x canvas 50x50cm, or three 100x100cm, colours, brushes, papers, wooden blocks)

Price variation: number of people, n. of canvases

+ extra: if you wish that your TB takes place out of your premises